The Smarter Postbox from Brizebox

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Smarter Postbox

With Brizebox, you never need to miss a parcel again. Brizebox is an innovative but simple concept featuring a false-bottomed drawer and a handle that causes the flaps to draw up when it is turned. This results in the drawer opening. After the parcel is placed in the drawer and the drawer is closed, the… Read more »

Get your home deliveries securely

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smart postbox

Are you concerned about the security of your home deliveries? If so, Brizebox may be the perfect solution for your requirements. Brizebox is a smart postbox designed to keep your parcels safe from theft and protected from the elements. It is manufactured from 1mm galvanised steel and is available for purchase or monthly hire. The… Read more »

Secure Home Parcel Delivery Boxes from BrizeBox

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Parcel Delivery Boxes

If you have been looking online for home parcel delivery boxes, Brizebox could be the perfect solution. Brizebox is an innovative product designed to ensure parcel delivery can be made even when you are away from home. The safe and secure nature of Brizebox means you no longer need to rely on friends, family friends… Read more »