The modern Post Box from Brizebox

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Post Box

With the huge amount of shopping that we all do online, it is fair to say that our delivery needs have changed since the Victorian times. ‘87% of U.K. consumers have bought at least one product online in the last 12 months’ 1 No-one could have foreseen this shift, however, it is fair to say… Read more »

The history of the Parcel Post Box

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Parcel Post Box

Brizebox has dragged innovation in post boxes into the modern era. We haven’t really had anything change since the Victorian Era, which is pretty surprising. Until 1840, people had to organise their own delivery, or wait for a Bellman. The Bellman could deliver your letter for you. He would ring a bell as he walked… Read more »

Solid Parcel Delivery Box

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Parcel Delivery Box

We all love online shopping, it’s so convenient, you can relax at home, whilst you shop all over, online though. All great, that is until you actually need to receive the purchase. Then, it all becomes an irritation, as your parcel arrives when you are not there. Brizebox have come up with the perfect solution,… Read more »