Parcel Delivery Box

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The advent of online shopping has led to us ordering increased numbers of parcels, yet many of us are unable to take time off work or ask neighbours, friends or family members to wait at our homes on our behalf to accept delivery of packages. Brizebox is a revolutionary parcel delivery box designed to keep parcels safe, secure and protected from the elements when we are not available to personally accept them from delivery staff.

Durable, secure and robust

With Brizebox, you never have to worry about not being home to take parcels ever again, and you no longer need to fret about them being stolen after being left in gardens, on doorsteps or in other risky locations. Brizebox is a well-constructed, secure solution that can deliver the peace of mind you require when it comes to parcel delivery. The box can even be incorporated into property builds, and there are many different sizes and colours to choose from. The box can house sizeable parcels and is one of the most innovative solutions of its type.

Brizebox features a false bottom that allows it to accommodate large loads. Fragile packages are protected by the shock absorbing foam that is built into Brizebox, which ensures a soft landing can occur. A facility called Soft-Drop can be built into your Brizebox and provides extra protection for particularly fragile parcels. The boxes are constructed from steel and boast robust weather-proof powder-coating.

The solution was developed and launched following years of intensive research. The inspiration came after its designer Brian Willcox experienced several problems with having parcels delivered securely. The box features a lever mechanism made from durable stainless steel, which is also used to manufacture the hinges and nylon washers. Rubber seals are also used for the door and drawer to prevent water ingress from occurring.

Need to find out more?

You can get in touch with the Brizebox team at any point if you are considering investing in a Brizebox parcel delivery box and wish to find out more before you buy. Contact Brizebox by calling +44 (0) 1753 668550 or sending a message through the website.