The Box is Great…

Thanks for the resent delivery of our new parcel box. Please see attached some pics if you want to use them for marketing etc. The box is great, it’s rare these days that you purchase something and find that it’s really well constructed and you’re confident it’s going to last  a long time.  

It is a Great Quality Product!

Built in wall parcel box

It is a great quality product. It works well, I receive all my parcels and none are being left on the doorstep. No more trips to the Post Office for me… Charles.

It’s Great!

Built in wall parcel box

It’s great. We have electric gates and have built one between our gate pillars, with a rear-facing door. Couriers can now leave parcels when we’re out and it is so handy to be able to retrieve the parcels through the rear door. It is very neat. Well done Brizebox, you’ve been great and I recommend… Read more »

My New Brizebox has Arrived and I am not Disappointed!

My new Brizebox has arrived and I am not disappointed. The build quality is great (very heavy) well built and a lovely finish. It will compliment the front on my house perfectly. ​ I write to thank you for the personal service you have given, helping me with my questions etc. This isn’t something one… Read more »

So Far, it Fits the Bill Perfectly!

I purchased the box after researching what’s available, as it seemed the best all round design. So far, it fits the bill perfectly!As well as wanting a secure parcel storage solution the main reason for making the purchase now, is because over Christmas someone tried to take out credit in my name and ordered goods… Read more »

I Love that Brizebox!

Oh! Now, I love that Brizebox!!Had to go out this morning, came back to four parcels in it. Two last night!!!Saw a delivery man who thought it was fantastic! Gill.