Q. What happens if a parcel requires a signature?
A. Your Brizebox is fitted with a unique barcode which a courier can scan. This does not provide proof of delivery, but it does prove the courier has been there.

Q.Can my Brizebox cope with multiple deliveries?
A. Yes, your Brizebox can continue to receive parcels until full.

Q. What happens when my Brizebox is full?
A. When full, your Brizebox will automatically lock, so a courier cannot deliver more parcels.

Q. Does the courier need a code to access my Brizebox?
A. No, the courier simply accesses your Brizebox by turning the handle and pulling out the drawer. There is minimum intervention required and it is courier agnostic.

Q. Are previously delivered parcels hidden from view?
A. Yes, previously delivered parcels in your Brizebox are concealed, so they are hidden from prying eyes.

Q. Can I use my Brizebox as a secure letterbox?
A. Yes, your Brizebox is ideal as a very secure letterbox and can hold a great many letters when you are away. These letters are also concealed, so no one can tell you’re away

Q. How secure is my Brizebox?
A. Your Brizebox has a three point locking system made with stainless steel levers. It is very secure.

Q. Could my parcel become damaged when it is dropped into the Brizebox?
A. Your Brizebox is fitted with a foam base to help absorb the impact when a parcel is delivered. In the case of the Extra-Large model, it is fitted with Soft-Drop which is a sprung base to help absorb even greater impacts.

Q. Is my Brizebox rustproof?
A. Yes, your Brizebox is made of galvanised steel which is powder coated with exterior grade paint to the highest standard. All fittings, such as hinges and locks, are also made of stainless steel. Your Brizebox comes with a two year, no quibble guarantee.

Q. Are the items in my Brizebox insured?
A. Most insurance companies insure items that are stored inside and treat them in the same way they would your garage contents.

Q. How do I take care of my Brizebox?
A. We suggest that you wipe your Brizebox with a soapy sponge every so often to keep it looking clean. Because of the high quality and smooth gloss finish of the powder coating, you will find that it restores its shine very easily.