Today I was asked if it was possible to fit a combination lock to our range of Built-In and Standalone Parcel Delivery Boxes, and the simple answer is yes. For some people, they may be forever losing their keys or may want many people to have access to the Parcel Box. Perhaps they may just find keys a bit of a faff, whatever the reason, fitting a combination lock is definitely possible.
We use a standard cam lock in all our Parcel Lockers, so there will be many combination locks which can take its place. There are two crucial dimensions which are ‘D’, the diameter of the lock ‘L’, which is the length of the lock. Please refer to the diagram below for clarification.

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I was filmed for Dragons’ Den on the 6th June 2018 and it was first shown on 6th January 2019. At the time, to say it hadn’t gone too well, would have been quite the understatement. However, things move on and I hadn’t given it much thought until last night, when there was a repeat of series 16, episode 11 on BBC2. At the end, there was a trailer for next week’s episode, series 16, episode 12, and my mugshot came up on the screen. Oh no!

Now I’ve had time to reflect, I can honestly say it has not been a bad thing for the business. When I’m doing exhibitions around the country, people regularly come up to me and ask how I’m getting on, or ask me where they can see the episode on YouTube. In every case, I have been met with a positive response and a desire for me to be successful. Not once has anyone placed a negative spin on the experience and made me feel embarrassed by the outcome. Thank you everyone.

It has definitely help Brizebox increase its brand awareness, which can’t be a bad thing. So, if you’re looking for a Parcel Delivery Box which is the only such product to be totally secure, whilst being courier friendly and able to receive multiple deliveries, why not give us a call?

Brian Willcox.

or Brian Wilcox with one ‘L’, as the BBC displayed on the show!

Why didn’t we think of this before? Brizebox has established the concept of having a door which is interchangeable between the front and rear. Brilliant; what a simple and clever idea! However, it has now gone one step further and has a door which can be hinged from the left or right. Like everything else about the Brizebox design philosophy, it’s really simple and effective and allows customers to customise their parcel box for their own needs!!!

  • 38% of people have had a parcel arrive late –  including more than one in ten (16%)  who paid for premium delivery service.
  • More than 1 in 10 have received damaged items.
  • More than 1 in 5 had a parcel go missing
  • 28% had a parcel left in an unsecure location
  • 28% were at home but had a note through the door saying the parcel couldn’t be delivered.

Receiving parcels on time and first time will in no doubt help in reducing the carbon footprint. Thats where Brizebox comes in. By having your own secure parcel drop box will ensure you receive your parcels at first point of delivery, saving unnecessary journeys!

According to research nearly Two in three people who shop online have had parcels lost, damaged or turn up late .

Other common issues include parcels being left in unsecured locations, such as bins, and unnecessary failed deliveries, where people waited at home for a parcel, only to receive a note saying they’d missed it.

Now more and more people are buying a Brizebox secure parcel delivery box. Sales have quadrupled over the past eighteen months and the trend looks set to continue. Feedback from our customers is excellent, many saying Brizebox knocks spots off our competitors for build quality, size and security.

Brizebox strives to stay ahead of the competition.
Their latest parcel boxes come with a switchable door. For some owners, it is more convenient to retrieve deliveries from the rear of the unit, particularly for Built-In parcel delivery boxes, and Brizebox has made this easily achievable by allowing the door to be fitted to the rear.
The concept is smart and very neatly executed. The door can be fitted either to the front or the rear of the unit and takes just seconds to change around. This has no impact on the function or security of the drop box, and it is as easy as ever for the courier to deliver parcels, making this the ultimate parcel box.
Brizebox has done it again, and continues to lead with great innovations in the parcel delivery sector.

Brizebox has introduced Apartment Parcel Delivery Boxes, which can be installed into the communal areas of blocks of flats. If there is no space in the communal areas, this is not a problem because Brizeboxes are weatherproof and be installed outside. They can be bolted to the ground, bolted to walls or mounted on posts. This solves a massive problem whole people who live in apartments and want to receive their parcels when not at home. It can also negate the need to have a concierge, which can be a major cost saving in the running of apartment blocks.

So, if you live in a block of flats, or even maisonettes, and want to receive your online orders when not at home, look no further than Brizebox.

These installation instructions relate to how to build a Brizebox into the cavity wall of a house. There are many installation variations for Built-In Brizeboxes, in fact the various methods are almost endless. For example, they can be built into railings, built into wooden fences or built into brick walls, amongst other things, but this purely refers to cavity wall installation. There is also a choice of Brizebox sizes to choose from.

1, Make an opening for the frame. The frame acts as a lintel to support the weight of the bricks above it and it is also used for decorative purposes, but if a lintel is not required, the frame is not necessary and many install without it. There are two countersunk screws per side, to screw the frame into the opening.

2, With the frame installed, you can now insert the Brizebox through the frame and into the cavity of the wall. Mark out the position for the holes. The Brizebox does not have pre-drilled holes in it because each installation is different, so it is left for the installer to decide how best to position the holes for installation. You will need to drill masonry holes 12mm diameter and 60mm long to accept the anchoring bolts. You can then bolt the Brizebox into the wall.

3, Finally, you may want to use some silicone sealant to seal the gap between the Brizebox and the frame, to prevent water ingress.

Brian Wilcox.

We are starting to see many more Parcel Delivery Boxes on our streets now, but there is one trend which has taken the industry by surprise, and this is the Built-In Parcel Box.
Originally introduced by Brizebox, it was seen as an exercise in what was achievable, as opposed to a new phenomenon, says its innovator, Brian Willcox. It was initially only made for the Standard and Large models because he could not see any requirement for an Extra-large version, but it wasn’t long before he was being asked for Extra-Large, Built-In versions too, which are very popular for building into garden walls and the sides of garages etc.
The next innovation from Brizebox was the rear-door access, which again has been very popular with customers who want a rear-retrieval Parcel Delivery Box. So now customers can have the final word in Parcel Drop Box one-upmanship by having the combination of a Built-In Brizebox with a rear-facing door. Parcel Box heaven!
If you’re interested in a Parcel Box which is built into either a wall, fence or iron railings, have a look on the range on offer from Brizebox.

Brian Willcox.