The Story

Brizebox is a revolutionary product. But to create a revolutionary product wasn’t all plain sailing.

How it all started...

Brian Willcox is an engineer at heart and appreciates all forms of engineering from the smallest microchip to the tallest cathedral. He always loves innovating and building things and is never interested in cutting corners, only wanting to create the best.

Like most people, he first started internet shopping on a regular basis back in the early 2000s. He enjoyed finding useful things on the internet which could never be found on the high street, and the experience of ordering online. The process fascinated him! Lo and behold the parcel would arrive… but this was the problem! Where the parcel ended up was just too unpredictable. Sometimes it would be sitting on the doorstep when he arrived home, for everyone to see. It irked him to think some reasonably expensive purchases were just left there, let alone the message to all local criminals he was not at home. He used to leave messages for the courier to take the parcel round the back of the house, but invariably this didn’t happen. Sometimes the parcel ended up back at the Post Office which inconveniently opened between 7am and 2pm. Great! But worst of all was the fact he had a grumpy neighbour and used to dread having to go and knock on his door, asking for his parcel. The obvious answer was to buy a Parcel Delivery Box, so he started looking online.

He was surprised to discover no one had put any serious thought into designing a comprehensive Parcel Delivery Box which was fit for purpose. Thus, his mind was set on finding a solution which primarily met his own needs. He had spent many years in the IT industry but prior to this had been a mechanical engineer, so he understood how to make things work. A drawer with a false base had not been his first idea, but having worked his way through several incarnations, this is where he ended up. It was the only way he could think to have a Parcel Delivery Box which had minimum courier intervention, kept parcels totally secure and continued to receive parcels until full. He realised he was onto something, so patented the idea and started making prototypes out of wood first, before moving on to metal. He then gathered together a team of engineers to turn the fledgling concept into what is now recognisable as the present day Brizebox. It is a unique invention and made to a very high standard. For example, it is made of galvanised sheet metal which is then powder-coated using architectural grade exterior paint. But there are also other areas where they went the extra mile to make sure it is a top-quality product. The lever mechanism operated by the handle is stainless steel, for strength and durability, and the levers for the lock are stainless steel for the same reason. Stainless steel is also used for the hinges and nylon washers separate all moving parts. Furthermore, there are rubber seals on the drawer and door to prevent water ingress. If there was a way they could think of doing something better, they did it.

Brian Wilcox

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