We are currently in the process of redesigning our product, and this will become available in the Spring.

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Brian Willcox.

Spring 19 Brizebox

How It Works


It's Simple!

The function of this parcel delivery box is simple. The drawer has a false bottom, which consists of flaps similar to a trapdoor on a stage. When the handle is turned the flaps are drawn up enabling the drawer to open. The parcel is placed inside the drawer and when it is closed the flaps automatically release, allowing the parcel to drop through into the weatherproof compartment below, providing secure package delivery.

Never miss a parcel again.

How We Got Here...

The Story

We took the concept of the parcel drop box and turned it into a versatile and secure parcel box. To produce the ultimate smart parcel box wasn’t all plain sailing and a lot of time and effort went into creating the perfect lockable mailbox.

The Story